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Life Groups are the foundational element for spiritual growth, care giving, and kingdom impact at Mountain Life Church. No matter where you are along the road, you will find that Life Groups will infuse new energy and purpose into your personal spiritual journey as you join with others for mutual support, encouragement and serving together.
Spiritual Growth • occurs as we adopt rhythms and practices, centered around the Five Essentials (Encounter Jesus, Engage the Word, Enjoy Life, Enter Service, Experience Community), guided by the Holy Spirit which foster spiritual maturity.
Care Giving • occurs as we pursue a common life together, journeying with one another through vulnerability, listening to one another, and providing for one another.
Kingdom Impact • occurs when we effectively embody and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever God has placed us.
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In a Life Group, we experience authentic Christian community, build friendships and connect with people on a deeper level to discuss the issues and challenges of life that face us all.
Together we study God’s Word and how it applies to our lives. We pray for each other and care for the needs of those in the group.
We seek to bring all Five Essentials (Encounter Jesus, Engage the Word, Enjoy Life, Enter Service, Experience Community) into the group experience, and then, motivated by God’s love for us, we reach out individually and together to impact our community and the world with the love of Jesus.
We encourage everyone at Mountain Life Church to find a Life Group to participate in. There are many Life Group options for you to choose from. Some are gender-based, others stage-of-life based. Most are co-ed groups which represent a diverse mix of ages, interests and spiritual maturity. Study topics vary from group to group. We are confident there is a Life Group that is just right for you.
If you have questions or would like assistance finding a Life Group, contact
Andrew Camp, Spiritual Growth Pastor