The Meaning of Membership

If you are a regular church attender, you may already call Mountain Life your church home – your place to worship, grow, fellowship and serve.

So Why is Church Membership Important?

Church membership is a way of officially identifying yourself with a local body of believers. It is a declaration that you are in agreement with Mountain Life’s Vision, Values and Statement of Faith and are accepting the responsibilities of representing Christ in this way.
Church membership is a covenant relationship with other members to mutually support and encourage one another and use your time, talents & resources to serve one another in love.
Church membership places you under the spiritual protection and authority of godly leaders and provides you with the mutual accountability you need to grow in Christlikeness.
Church membership carries with it voting privileges on many important church decisions, including voting on the leadership team candidates, annual budget, the hiring of a senior pastor, building expansion and more.
As a member, you make a deep commitment to weave yourself into the very fabric of the church tapestry, so that your participation has a determining effect on how Mountain Life Church lives out its vision.

The Process of Membership at Mountain Life

1. Complete Base Camp 
Base Camp is a multi-week small group experience where participants learn about our history, vision, values, beliefs, Bylaws, staff, organizational structure and function; and are introduced to how to start growing and serving at Mountain Life Church. Each session also has a short Bible study and group discussion centered on our Five Essentials (Encounter Jesus, Engage the Word, Enjoy Life, Enter Service, Experience Community).
2. Submit a Completed Membership Application
Membership applications can be picked up from our Connections Director, Kathy Engelbert-Fenton. Once completed, the application is reviewed by a member of the pastoral staff to confirm that the applicant meets the basic requirements for membership, i.e. that he/she:
  • has shown themselves to be a true Christian.
  • is willing to act in accordance with the Bylaws and policies of Mountain Life Church.
  • desires to share in the fellowship and ministry of this church.
3. Participate in a Membership Experience
The membership experience is an informal dinner gathering with a time of fellowship and personal sharing in a small group setting with pastoral staff and/or members of the Leadership Team.
4. Application Submitted to Leadership Team for Formal Approval
5. Approved Applicants Publicly Welcomed into Membership During a Sunday Service
To get the membership process started, contact
Kathy Engelbert-Fenton, Connections Director | 435.647.5855