The App Is Here!

Hi Mountain life Family! The new App is up and running! This post is to explain to you what you can do with the App. We have an Events tab. With this tab you can know within seconds of all that we are doing in the upcoming weeks. This empowers you to always be on top of what we are doing! The Connections Card Online is a digital Connections Card that helps us know when you visit. This is important because there are enough of us on campus each weekend that we can’t always know when people are missing. This helps us understand that if we haven’t seen someone for a while we should reach out to them and make sure that they are OK, and if not, that way we can care for them however they need! The insider Info tab is so that you can hear about big announcements and so that we can help communicate Mission and Vision to you! Live Streamed Services, lets you go back and watch any of our recent services if you missed on or want to hear one again. Bear in mind that the whole service is posted, but you can jump around and hear just the sermon if you would like. The Help! Request Form is a quick and easy way to let us know that you need help, have a question or want to submit and prayer or praise request. And the Give section allows you to give online through the app immanently. We added this feature for your convenience as most people now give online.