Reach Higher Vision

One of the greatest benefits of being a believer in Jesus is in the possibility for pursuing a God-given vision for one’s future. For as we grow our relationship with God, we come to realize that God has a purpose for our life and He imparts visions for our future. This is true for us individually and as a church family. Together we can Reach Higher in Building God’s Kingdom in Park City.

Reaching Higher – We are on our way!

Reaching Higher is less a destination (a wonderful facility expansion) and more of a process (becoming the church God wants us to be). God has called Mountain Life to Reach Higher because He wants us to refuse to live in the past, but to reach for all He has for us.

As God has blessed Mountain Life with a growing ministry, both at home and overseas, He is now leading us to lean into the future with a greater faith in what He can do. During our Reach Higher Capital Campaign, we set out to raise $5,750,000 to build a tool that God could use to help us increase our kingdom impact in Park City, our region and the world. As we all knew, this was a God-sized vision that would only happen if God put His hand of blessing upon it. Amazingly, God has chosen to do just that! For not only did we meet our goal, we surpassed it, and this great giving is continuing as more and more people catch the vision.

Now the challenge before us is two-fold. One challenge is for us to make the best use of all monies entrusted to us. We want to use these monies as good stewards, investing them wisely for the advancement of God’s kingdom in any and every way He leads us. The other challenge is to prepare ourselves so that once God provides us with this incredible building expansion, we will be ready to maximize its use for God’s glory. This means we all need to evaluate our priorities to ensure that we are growing our love relationship with Jesus. As our love relationship with Him deepens, so will our desire to serve and reach out to others with His love.

May the season we are now entering be one in which we all humbly dedicate ourselves to growing our passion for God and compassion for people. As God leads us each step of the way, the best is yet to come.

Pastor Scott

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Steve White 
Executive Pastor &
Reach Higher Pastoral Liaison
Soozie Redkey
Reach Higher Campaign Chair
Kevin Gruneich
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 “This is the moment! We want to open our doors wide to bring new people into the Kingdom of God!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the leadership of MLC arrive at the decision to expand the facilities?

“For more than four years, behind all of the details of facility design and their alignment with the mission and vision of Mountain Life Church, the Leadership Team has been in regular prayer and discernment as to God’s will for the future of His Church here in Park City. We wanted to have discerning minds and hearts so that, as a body of believers, we feel convicted about God’s direction for Mountain Life. We truly feel God’s hand on this process. We pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide all of our work in the weeks and months ahead and that our decisions, and actions, will be pleasing in His sight.”
~ Joe Koch, Chair, MLC Leadership Team

How will our Worship Center change with the proposed plans?

While the Worship Center will remain an intimate setting for services reflecting the highly relational nature of Mountain Life Church, we will remove closets and office walls to accommodate 60-80 more people. It is anticipated that the addition of a 320 seat flexible space room will provide increased opportunities for worship using technology and the creative arts in a non-traditional setting.
Will the $5.75 million cover everything needed to make full use of the new facility?
Yes! Besides providing for an additional 24,000 sq. ft., the amount also includes quality furnishings, attractive finishes, tasteful landscaping, a grand new entry and tripling of lobby space, more than doubling the parking area and a new location for a patio.
Does moving ahead with a MLC expansion plan compromise Global Impact and Crisis Response Efforts?
Mountain Life continues to be focused on mission work, dedicating 18% of annual giving to global, national and regional impact. The Global Impact budget has quintupled (5x) since 2001 and increases will continue, consistent with church growth. Beyond this, we delight in taking church-wide special offerings at least once a year to support special mission projects or respond to critical needs in the world as God leads.
Does the plan incur further debt for MLC?
The goal of this campaign is to raise the full $5.75 million so no further debt will be necessary by building completion.
When is the groundbreaking expected?
We anticipate breaking ground in the Spring of 2019 pending approval by federal, state and local authorities.
What are some key aspects of the vision of Mountain Life’s Reach Higher Campaign?
  • In general, we need to raise funding with full congregational participation, and do so in such a way that people grow spiritually in the process. We have been given an awesome opportunity to shine the light of Christ for more people, as well as to reach people more deeply, in additional ways.
  • God has also geographically positioned Mountain Life Church uniquely at the base of the Highway 40 growth corridor. We must grasp this opportunity, opening wide the doors of God’s Kingdom.
In Our Church
  • Sunday services are often near capacity and attendance has grown 21% over the past five years.
  • Our classroom space is at capacity, constraining our Kids & Student Ministries.
  • There is a desire for Sunday morning adult classes, which cannot currently be offered.
  • Parking demands exceed lot capacity for most Sunday services.
In The Community
  • Summit County has grown from approximately 31,000 people in 2002 to nearly 40,000 people today…and it will increase even more in the very near future.
  • There are several planned housing developments that will have a significant impact on the population of Mountain Life Church.
What Would Change?
  • The current church campus has 18,000 SF of usable space.
  • Our anticipated expansion would add 26,000 SF of building space, which would allor for:
    • a 320 seat flexible space room
    • tripling the space of the current lobby
    • 13 additional classrooms
    • conference room, office area and additional program support space
    • more than doubling our current parking space
    • landscaped outdoor patio
Are you ready to Reach Higher?
God is leading us to create a tool that will result in Mountain Life Church
reaching more and more people for Jesus!