Nehemiah - A Journey of Purpose
June 17-August 12, 2018
9:00 & 10:45 am

We are all on a journey. The question is, will our journey be full of purpose or just a "somewhat meaningful meandering?"

The story of Nehemiah will open our eyes to see what living in life's deeper purpose looks like. As we look at Nehemiah's purpose in life, we will be challenged to find, and enter into, our own deeper purpose. When we do this, our journey will take us to places we never thought we would go! And God will use us in ways that are truly meaningful, bring satisfaction to our souls and a smile to His face.

  • Sunday, June 17: Heart
  • Sunday, June 24: Wisdom
  • Sunday, July 1: Opposition
  • Sunday, July 8: Justice
  • Sunday, July 15: Revival
  • Sunday, July 22: Confession
  • Sunday, August 5: Commitment
  • Sunday, August 12: Reality