Cultural Issues & The Church

Sundays, June 23 – July 28, 10:45 service | The Loft


In today’s ever-changing culture, we are bombarded with hard questions dealing with sexual identity, racism, and violence, just to name a few. In the midst of these questions, it can be difficult to know what to say, especially as Christians. What does the Bible say about these issues? And more importantly how do we love people, Christian and non-Christian, who vehemently disagree with us? Join us as we explore some of the cultural issues of our day. Register on the website or: Moderated by Pastors Steve White and Andrew Camp.



  • June 23—Broad cultural trends
  • June 30—Sexuality and the Church
  • July 7—Racial Reconciliation and the Church
  • July 14—Gun Rights/Violence and the Church
  • July 21—Ecological Stewardship and the Church
  • July 28—Engaging and Loving Those We Disagree With